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About Us

Hello! The Shoal Creek Gibbons Home holds a very special place in our hearts. We are two of the many family members that have enjoyed the home with family and friends. Many wonderful memories have been made at this special home through the years. We made the decision to allow others to visit our little piece of Heaven so that they too can make memories of their own. We are confident that it will be enjoyed by all!    ~~Bobby & Angela


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My most special memory...


Bobby and I met and soon fell in love while still in our teenage years. It didn't take him and Aunt Lulu very long to hit it off. They would sit together for hours to talk, just as she and I had done for years. Although he did not have the pleasure of meeting Uncle Mickey, through all of the long talks with Aunt Lulu, he now has a great understanding of the special man that he was. When Bobby proposed marriage, we could think of no better place to hold the ceremony than the one we had shared so many special moments. We were married here December 29th, 1996.


Where it all began...


On February 27th, 1964, Uncle Mickey and Aunt Lulu bought this lovely piece of lakeside property. They had both loved the lake and what it had to offer all of their lives. Uncle Mickey was an expert fisherman and boater. Aunt Lulu was his perfect companion, as she shared his passion for the river. In 1970, they built a small house on the property and were permanent fixtures there during the summer months. They also shared the home with all family members and many friends.

After Uncle Mickey's untimely passing in 1980, Aunt Lulu decided to move to the lake house permanently, keeping the same 'open door policy' that had always been. She continued this until her passing at the age of 82 in 2010.

We will forever cherish the precious memories of them both and will do everything possible to keep the exact welcoming feel that they always chose to have.



For Aunt Lulu..

and Uncle Mickey.

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